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Internet marketing has just become a child's play with ShareMacro, a revolutionary new tool that automates your online marketing efforts by distributing your content to countless social bookmarking, video sharing, file download, article and press release sites. As a result, you will enjoy targeted traffic to your landing page where you can convert your visitor to your goal, be it product sales, adsense revenue, content consumption, etc.

Presenting your site or webpage to the audience of all of these Web 2.0 properties has the added benefit of getting noticed faster by search engines like Google and Yahoo due to all the targeted and quality backlinks that you can build on autopilot.

Open Source and Free Internet Marketing

You can start submitting your content right now to sites at the Control Panel.
Get Started Creating accounts is free at the moment, and submitting content requires project credits that you can buy here:


# of projects * 50255
Price per project 0.7$ <- BEST value0.8$1$
Get It 50 Projects 25 Projects 5 Projects
* 1 project = submission to dozens of sites
** Your purchase will be credited to the email you give on the payment form, so if you registered already make sure you give there the same email.
Enterprise customers with even greater needs than the default packages please contact at You have 60 days to use ShareMacro as much as you like. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the way it performs, simply contact me at, and I will have your money refunded, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

You will need:

Contact Support

If you have a question or suggestion about the product please post it in the public support forum. For other queries, such as those related to your purchase you can write to

ShareMacro vs Competition




Lots of competitor software distributes pre generated, spinned spam that will get your website banned the next day from major search engines.

Content provided by you only, you are in total control what where and when it gets distributed. 

Only for submitting bookmarks

Many tasks are automated in ShareMacro, from project setup, registration, verification and submission.

Desktop based, you need to download it, install it, update it constantly. Does not work in all environments, such as Linux, Windows or Mac 

All you need is the FREE Firefox browser, and imacro plugin. As the latest social bookmark submitter on the market this software is fresh and contains the best sites 
Number of sites

Advertised as supporting 100s of sites, but most of them are dead

ShareMacro focuses only on top sites where you reach real surfers. We look for new sites all the time, and you can suggest one in the support forum.

Over priced, can be even several hundred dollars

Pay for when you use it only for a small fee a month
You can pay for a month, and come back later, your account will still exist. 
Free Trial


30 Days - All you need is to register
Money back guarantee


60 Days Unconditional


Open Source and Free Internet Marketing

You can start submitting your content right now to sites one by one for free at the list of services. If you would like to submit in batch read on.


Even Google Recommends Distributing to Social Media Sites

Did you know that Google, the king of web traffic, recommends link building and content submission at social media sites as one of the few legitimate ways of getting visitors? Take a look at this excerpt straight from the Google SEO Guide:

Now all you need is ShareMacro to take away the pain from registering, verifying, logging in and submitting to these sites!


You need the free Firefox browser and the free iMacros Firefox extension to use Sharemacro!